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Please wash your hands vintage shirt

5.0 01 But she got the marriage license and all the death certificates and was able to get what she needed done. (i still dont know why any of that was needed she went with her husband to the bank all the time and the tellers and managers all knew her and her husband very […]

Sunflower I have two tittles mom and Nana and I rock them both shirt

0.0 00 Recovering dead bodies (when the cause of death was unknown), transporting them to the county morgue, stripping, tagging and stacking the bodies in any one of the County’s room sized coolers. This included decayed and rotting bodies, and one memorable case of a gunshot suicide victim wherein I was the new guy and […]

Lucky peace love llamas shirt

0.0 00 Some background: He complains about all my husband’s friends, and tried hitting on me the first day he met me to see if I was a good person when we just started dating. He’s a fairly good-looking guy, so I could see that possibly working if my then-date had thoughts that I was […]

53 years of Star Trek 1966-2019 thank you for the memories shirt

0.0 00 A shirt makes the name of many famous artists and films. Voted as one of the brightest works in the world. Or be the first to retire this shirt tomorrow. Collection of shirts designed in films and memes. And has received very positive compliments from customers like ” The t-shirts are of good […]

Dream like Martin Lead like Harriet Write like Maya shirt

5.0 01 Funny you bring this up because I was just telling a friend of mine, to never allow family into your home. I come a big family ( 8 of us) I’m the only smart one who wouldn’t take anyone of them in. Reason being, it’s because it causes so much shit. Then they […]

Autism Awareness Minnie mouse shirt

5.0 01 I told him to go anyway. I spent about a 1/2 hour explaining to him how to handle the situation once the bully started the fight. I showed him a couple of basic moves, and gave him simple advice. I told him that he was not to start the fight or throw the […]

Snoopy I never knew how much love my heart could hold til someone called me Grandma shirt

5.0 01 He had a vocabulary of about 50 words, and he loved to ride in the car. He waited all day for my dad to come home from the barbershop and on Saturday evenings, just before 9:00, he always put his paws on my dad’s chair to let him know it was time to […]

Just a girl who loves Snoopy shirt

5.0 01 If you aren’t careful then they are just as likely to bark or snap at you when you try to give a correction or whenever you jerk at the leash. Although this behavior is in-bred it can be smoothened out. The best time to start is when they are puppies and establish yourself […]

The Child Mando 20 this is the way shirt

5.0 01 It was just awkward, we were strangers despite Rose looking like a spitting image of me. I’m not upset that Rose found me. I just feel that it brought a lot of unnecessary drama to her life. I went to public school. The elementary school that I went to, the year I went […]

Official Goku Dragon Ball Super Gucci shirt by tshirtat store

5.0 01 So a wife would help me keep our dreams alive; not demand to live in a super Gucci house to impress neighbors no one really cares about all so we can have some imaginary party in a distant future. A wife wouldn’t frivolously spend her money on a leaning tower of shoes in […]

Star Trek Crusher Torres Janeway signatures shirt

5.0 01 As for how I live my life? I only interact with people in public. I make sure everything is recorded. I don’t interact with anyone beyond necessity. And I don’t tell anyone about my past. I learned this past Christmas that when people see your scars the only thing they’ll do with that […]

Peace love Green Bay Packers shirt

5.0 01 he yells it’s appendicitis’s and I’ll be fine… he again tries to leave and I’m scared and asking well what does this mean he sighs and goes I’ve already called in the surgeon (it’s a Sunday so yeah okay I get having to call her in) he leaves at that point and I […]

Peace love Post Malone shirt

5.0 01 Sure. When I lived with roommates, they didn’t always knock. I was good friends with my roommates, not some formal arrangement where I didn’t really know them. Usually, they’d just call my name and I’d answer. But I suppose you’re trying to get some sexual details and not just that they walked in […]

Bernie Sanders Resist 2020 shirt

5.0 01 My cousin, whom I’ll call max, was my closest cousin ever since I’ve known. I’m a single child (and so is he) and I always wanted a brother of my own, but as I couldn’t get one, max was the closest resemblance. We were a year apart, both sagittariuses. And, we had so […]

Willie Nelson 64th anniversary 1956-2020 thank you for the memories shirt

5.0 01 During my student teacher time I worked with a class of Grade 2 students. The kids were lovely but there was this one student who would not participate. Group circle. Nope. Never raised a hand or anything. Barely spoke to the teacher. One day I was asked to do some reading outside of […]