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Gnome drinking Budweiser St Paddy’s Day shirt

0.0 00 That development of an internal, proprietary UI with its own heavy set of frameworks and libraries is not going to assist in the development of Ubuntu’s many other virtues. I am looking forward to using Gnome on my next Debian installation, and perhaps I’ll move to Ubuntu, now that Gnome is taking the default. Again, I would recommend not […]

Miller Lite never broke my heart shirt

0.0 00 Pop the tab or twist the cap and start drinking. Beer drinkers drink beer because they like the taste. Some people like the taste of Budwiser and some like the taste of Bikini Blonde Lager. If you find a person that drinks a craft brew but hates the taste, then that person is […]

There will never be another Dale Earnhardt signature shirt

5.0 01 I work as a Robotic Process Automation Developer and most of the tasks automated are rule-based. Robots are good for rule-based back-office tasks e.g automating an MI report because they are repetitive and the outcomes are predictable. The software bots tend to fall over when a scenario that wasn’t coded for is encountered. […]

Statue of Libba shirt

5.0 01 Let us say two people rob your house. You catch hold of one person and the other person gets away. Imagine the robber saying, ‘Where were you when the other guy broke the doors of your house? What were you doing when he opened your briefcase? Why are you catching me but not […]

Double Joker Calvin and Hobbes shirt

5.0 01 Harvey Dent’s journey is from idealism to vicious apathy. He cares too much about Gotham, and then he doesn’t care at all. He falls much harder than the criminal overlords of Gotham do, losing his sanity as well as his social position, because idealism makes people more vulnerable than greed does. These were […]

Official Sloth I have fibromyalgia I don’t have the energy to pretend I like you today shirt by tshirtat store

5.0 01 I’m still the same person, too. I’m still smart and gorgeous. Men still flirt with me. I’m still a hard worker. I still love doing DIY projects, though I need to figure out workarounds sometimes. This past December, I went to my ten year reunion. People were curious, but it was great. On […]

Teenage mutant killer Turtles shirt

0.0 00 I would hope not, but I don’t think these modern players are patient enough to work on it. It’s such a hard pitch to master, and as the old-timers disappear it will be difficult to find a coach who can teach it. No. I have not seen that fight film in years now […]

Happy St Patricks Day Gnome Johnnie Walker Black Label shirt

5.0 01 When he said he and the US loved India was he thinking about the abuse against women and young girls that still goes on. Bo Ng’andwe Let me ask this, what is Trump doing in India? To be honest, Trump strikes me as a person who will only visit u if its more […]

Bud Light never broke my heart shirt

5.0 01 I’m glad to say now, that I’m out for myself! He went in, paid, and pumped the gas. We were taking off out of the gas station when it became obvious that he hadn’t put the nozzle back where it’s supposed to go. And, before we knew it, we were dragging the pump […]

50 years of Black Sabbath 1970-2020 signatures shirt

5.0 01 Lee Kuan Yew more than anyone else built modern Singapore, and his legacy will be unrivalled economic progress and development. There is, however, a dark side to what he leaves behind – too often, basic freedoms and human rights were sacrificed to ensure economic growth. Restrictions on freedom of expression and the silencing […]

Fuck pie chart you 60% off 10% it 10% this shit 10% that 10% shirt

5.0 01 So glad she got the recognition that she deserved while she was still alive. Thank you for all your contributions, Ms. Johnson. Deborah Lousie Severn It was about time these women got the recognition they deserved, so much credit goes to the men, yet these women worked day and night too. What a […]

The meowtains are calling vintage shirt

0.0 00 A shirt makes the name of many famous artists and films. Voted as one of the brightest works in the world. Or be the first to retire this shirt tomorrow. The meowtains are calling vintage shirt Owl you are my sunshine shirt He is risen hallelujah shirt Pig riding hippie car peace love […]

Houston Astros steal it back shirt

5.0 01 My father gets married to a woman who wears glassed with Swastika symbols on the temples. One weekend I am sent to visit my father and stepmom. We are finishing dinner and I am supposed to take the plate to the kitchen and rinse it off and put it in the dishwasher. I […]

A woman cannot survive on wine alone she also needs a border collie shirt

5.0 01 If they know not their creator then satan has a lot to be happy about.. let me help you to understand something. If they love God or believe in Jesus Christ they would make themselves known to him as much he would. If not the news is not good.. people like me is […]

15 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs St. Patrick’s day shirt

5.0 01  They are such pitiful souls. Melany Leon Richards Paul lol clearly you’re the pitiful soul, you can learn something from the people of the Amazon. You don’t even understand how they protect the environment so clearly, you need to educate yourself. They’re not destroying this planet like we are… Gabriel Jared Garza oh […]