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That’s what I do I play darts I drink and I know things shirt

Track and field, I call it athletics. Equal pay is again no problem but do you want the same pay for the blue riband events, such as 100 metres, versus hammer throw. You might think that I’m being picky there but that will lead us to an interesting issue later. Lets get back to the […]

I’m done teaching let’s go camping shirt

Oh I am excited for Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee. I played Pokemon Yellow alot and being able to go back to Kanto will be a dream come true for me. That being said though there are a couple of things that I hope are not ruined. Abilities. I will say this right now: I […]

I’m sexy and I mow it vintage shirt

You won’t know unless you approach him with how you feel. Don’t ask him why though – ultimately, that’s not important, is it?What’s important is how his actions make you feel. It reveals an insecurity in your relationship that needs to be explored. Sexy isn’t about sex, it about imagination and attitude. It’s what you […]

Official Mace a cop call it Peppa pig shirt by tshirtat store

I love this one! Many years ago a police officer had a BIG guy handcuffed in the back seat of his squad car. He was trying like all hell to get the guy out. Another officer came to assist him. This guy wedged his feet into the floor under front seats. They didn’t want to […]

UFO Alien two words middle finger vintage shirt

I understand you are not ready to come out to the society because you have your own reasons. I understand our parents will never support our relationship because they care too much for the society, may be more than their child. I Understand that you will never prefer me over your family because I ain’t […]

Embrace the derp vintage shirt

There’s essentially no way to do 90% of the things a financial system needs to do using a blockchain, because there’s no way to verify assets off the chain. All proposals to do so are inherently flawed, which makes smart contracts into stupid contracts. Bitcoin governance is completely screwed up because everyone is more concerned […]

Weed I roll blunts bigger than your dick shirt

Most people buy cheap cigars, unroll them, then re-roll it with weed. The name “blunt’ comes from a cigar called the Philly Blunt. It is a cheap, machine-made cigar, making it perfect for destroying to obtain the wrapper. Hand-made cigars, while of much higher quality, can be quite expensive. Nowadays, there are cigars made expressly […]

Official Free-ish since 1865 vintage shirt by tshirtat store

The public school system is fully financed by government and the department of education indoctrinate kids into the agenda that the government wants for children. Both the national department of education and the state level departments of education adhere to an outcome based education model where excellence in not rewarded and lackluster performance is not […]

Hippie girl I can’t have kids my Poodle is allergic shirt

Have you tried blue Buffalo? My vet recommends that or they have a prescription only food at my vet that your vet may also have but it is too expensive for me. I also make homemade dog food for my yellow lab. I do still give him some high quality dry food because at 117 […]

American flag and dog where liberty dwells there is my country shirt

After solving the first hurdle of learning how to drive again, I’ve had to immerse myself in technology that did not exist before my prison term began. I’ve learned about the Internet, about social media, about how to send an email or use an iPhone. Whereas others missed being close to nature and family, at […]

Nike crip just loc it shirt

I have never been to India or even the part of Kashmir controlled by India but have met people who have lived there but I’ve heard that they feel safe there except there are incidents of killings by either Indian or Pakistani Army. Let me be clear here that whenever armies have their differences, it […]

Official Autism dad some people look up to their heroes I’m raising mine shirt by tshirtat store

In Spain everybody can just go to the hospital and get the full treatment, and surgery and everything without paying anything. Yes, they take about 15-45% of your paycheck, based on how much you earn, but that’s for your pension, healthcare and unemployment insurance, so, it really is not so bad. And, if you have […]

Skull gym Leg day bring it on shirt

A lot of people tend to hit two muscle groups each workout day (chest/legs, back/shoulder, etc.), but one downside of doing this is that you never get as much return from the second exercise as you do from the first. This is because you’ve already exerted a great portion of your energy working on your […]

Chicken best cluckin’ dad ever vintage shirt

So all those years of thinking my dad took it in the butt. Every effeminate mannerism he ever had I just chalked it up to that and tried to put it out of my mind. We lived in an apartment in the middle of our city, and people do not keep chickens on their balconies […]

Plan for today coffee motorbike beer and sex shirt

The same old, same old. Attack the reputation of dedicated honorable career officials who have no political history of patrician agendas. The Republican smear campaign to create a false “moral” equivalence continues. Where in the Constitution does it state that loyalty is to be given to one man? Where in the Constitution does it say […]