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I can’t stay at home I’m a technician nurse we fight when others can’t anymore shirt

5.0 01 One morning, the physician called myself working and wanted to make sure I was going to that time, he wanted to talk about a DNR (don’t resuscitate) purchase. I called my siblings getting their particular take on it therefore we decided that the several brave attempts to keep Mama alive over the past […]

I can’t stay at home I’m a nurse we fight when others can’t anymore shirt

5.0 01 Same goes for designing a bat that would be intentionally designed to fly. Look at a bird’s wings. Very efficient and lightweight, and extremely aerodynamic for flying. *Would you* design a bat to fly with a heavy body, and the so-called “wings” with a piece of rough skin and hand bones, after having […]

I can’t stay at home I’m a medical assistant we fight when others can’t anymore shirt

5.0 01 Once we level off I decided to simply say “Mr. Jabar, are you working on any interesting projects right now?”. It was the perfect question. He immediately opened up discussing his current passion about writing a book about African American history, explaining that was his major at UCLA and how much fun he […]

I’m a proud mother in law of a freaking awesome son in law yes he bought me this shirt

5.0 01 Before long I was banging my first milf who is my mom’s bff. I sat on the couch, she was on her knees and gave me the best blowjob I ever had in my life, I felt the life getting sucked outta my balls, she drained my balls to the last drop. Couldn’t […]

Nurse 2020 the one where I survived covid-19 shirt

5.0 01 Assuming you are new to Mumbai & you have to arrange for your accommodation, travel & food and if worst you have family of 2–3 people other than you to feed them. And the answer is Yes, definitely yes. I know many families whose monthly income is less than 10k or 15k a […]

Coronavirus cat in pocket ew people shirt

5.0 01 About the wet handkerchief … a clear, white, clean one with no labels, blemishes, marks, or writing of any sort will not be a problem. I was even allowed to keep my whole wallet with me during my exam even though it wasn’t allowed, I told them that I did not have a […]

Fuck off I’m social distancing shirt

5.0 01 Vaibhav & I are together from 11 years in this beautiful relationship. We have been studying in the same school and grade, in different sections though. Vaibhav was just a batch mate to me since grade 6th. Our first few interactions were very fun loving. I used to tease him whenever he comes […]

Official Mona Lisa Coronavirus shirt by tshirtat store

5.0 01 After all, Leonardo Da Vinci, is known to be a cryptic artist who dropped many surreptitious clues in his paintings. Amidst claims that he was homosexual, the fact that he had no relationships with women, faced two charges of sodomy and that he always wore pink, I would not be surprised if the […]

Buddha calm the fuck down yoga shirt

0.0 00 Long story short, he took the credit and was given a raise on the spot. It didn’t register to me that that’s what happened until I went to ask if he was going to credit me for my work. He said “yeah, but you gotta put in the time to get to where […]

Bigfoot face mask ew Covid vintage shirt

5.0 01 Now, believe it or not there still is a part of me that holds on to the possibility of it being out there (however small that may be). It doesn’t come from any shaky video or blurry pictures. It comes from a few people who I truly believe are telling the truth about […]

Mona Lisa Coronavirus shirt

5.0 01 Even though in China the plague has slowed down its pace, such as in Guangzhou which is my hometown, contains 13 million people(2016 data) – for continuous days there are less than 2 confirmed cases daily. Nowadays, besides of Wuhan, there are only 9 confirmed infected cases in national wide while China is […]

Rick and Morty Rick Malone signature shirt

5.0 01 Likely scenario: The police person, even though not entitled to see her ID nevertheless asked her for it. Police often try to try to ID all passengers even though they have no legal right to do so. She declined and, insisted she didn’t have her driver’s licence with her. Thus rebuffed the contents […]

A woman cannot survive on wine alone she also needs Weimaraners shirt

5.0 01 Well in the neighborhood I use to be at I knew a few guys from my school and the only girls were me and my best friend and we would hang out after dark and play games like tag or this other specific game that is kinda like tag but we called if […]

Linkin Park 24th anniversary 1996 2020 thank you for the memories signatures shirt

5.0 01 Officials at the time ruled her death an accident, but there has been much speculation ever since over whether there was more to the story. After the new investigation began, the captain of the boat, Dennis Davern, gave several television interviews expressing skepticism about the original investigation and saying he believed that Wood […]

Hot Scorpions 55th anniversary 1965 2020 signature thank you for memories shirt

5.0 01 It was a beautiful, crisp fall day….the perfect day for a wedding at a lodge overlooking the Appalachian Mountains. I couldn’t be happier for the bride. She had stayed up most of the night before, putting the finishing touches on the floral arrangements for each table, wrapping tape around the bridesmaid’s flowers, at […]