That’s what I do I play darts I drink and I know things shirt

Track and field, I call it athletics. Equal pay is again no problem but do you want the same pay for the blue riband events, such as 100 metres, versus hammer throw. You might think that I’m being picky there but that will lead us to an interesting issue later. Lets get back to the nub of the question. If the sport is truly equal then there is no question but, unfortunately for reasons which might be historical there is never going to be equal pay across the board. Playing darts, I threw two double-bullseyes in a row and was celebrating like hell. This ended the match and I was very happy to have won. THEN, whimsically and only half paying attention, I threw my third, final, now superfluous dart at the board. It struck and stuck into the backside of one of the two darts already on the board, thus scoring a third double-bullseye in the most dramatic and improbable fashion imaginable, given the first two darts.

That’s what I do I play darts I drink and I know things shirt

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The only thing better and less likely would have been to have scored one double-bullseye, stuck a dart in the back of that dart, then stuck a third dart in the back of the dart already stuck into the original double-bullseye. One of the reasons it was not in AC Origins and Odyssey was because both games did not have a dart firing weapon. They did have arrows but none of them featured a berserk function. Another reason the did not have one is most likely the developers wanted to change things and not make it a really repetitive item throughout the games. One final reason they may have changed it was because they were transitioning over to RPG territory and wanted to mix up how the fighting worked. It is true that tall guys with a lean might get a foot or so closer at their release point, but the dart still has to find its arc and trajectory in much the same manner. If the person has sufficient strength, height isn’t really that much of a factor once the skill level gets high enough.


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