There’s this girl she kinda stole my heart she calls me Grandma shirt

You may recall that, in the story, Goldie tried out each of the things she came across in the Bear family home, the porridge, the chairs and the beds. In those cases, Papa Bear’s wasn’t right, nor was Momma Bear’s. However, everything of Baby Bear’s that she tried was, “just right”. I think Markle was trying to say that, after searching and finding nothing that “fit”, she came across the, “Suits”, acting role and that it was a good situation for her. It doesn’t quite work though, as she had no other, real acting experience from which to draw the comparison.

There’s this girl she kinda stole my heart she calls me Grandma shirt

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In truth, rather than being a profound and heartfelt sentiment, her statement came across as a bit laughable. I’ve only been able to find a couple, very minor, appearances in other television programs and as the “suitcase girl” in one game show. It isn’t like she’s had numerous roles from which to chose her “defining role”, so to speak. Vivian Leigh and, “Gone With the Wind”, Katherine Hepburn and, “African Queen”, Elizabeth Taylor and, “Cleopatra”, Linda Hamilton and, “Terminator”, et al, these are actresses that could actually make a convincing use of the Goldilocks analogy. Markle? Not so much!

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