Toilet Paper Senior 2020 shit getting real funny shirt

Toilet Paper Senior 2020 shit getting real funny shirt

For most people in the world, being 95>% clean around the anus is good enough. Your bum stays in your clothes but your hands go everywhere so it’s cleaning your hands afterwards that is widely considered to be the most vital thing – using hot water, soap and then using something sterile to dry your hands thoroughly. My biggest fear is that since I live alone with my 13 year old, if I get sick it will be a bit harder for me to take care of him. So I did stock up on groceries, dry and canned goods, so I won’t have to go to the store much to make sure he’s fed if I’m sick.

Toilet Paper Senior 2020 shit getting real funny shirt

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In a world full of moms be a mamasaurus shirt But also because it’s spring break and he’s going to be home eating out of boredom. I also ordered a cheap bidet sprayer toilet attachment from Amazon, because I’ve been wanting one and this seemed like the perfect time. What could be better than a shower fresh butt in half the time of wiping? Saves trees, gentler on your plumbing, and I don’t need to give toilet paper panic a spot in my brain, no matter what happens. Another side note, in Paraguay, it is impossible to flush toilet paper without making a huge mess. So there is always a waste basket for toilet paper (even in public restrooms). So, the bidet / bidet attachment eliminates that unpleasantness as well.

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