UFO Alien two words middle finger vintage shirt

I understand you are not ready to come out to the society because you have your own reasons. I understand our parents will never support our relationship because they care too much for the society, may be more than their child. I Understand that you will never prefer me over your family because I ain’t related to you by blood. And I think that’s the only reason I am able to forgive you all, because I tried to do reasoning with my heart, and you know what, at the end it was Understood by my heart as well. You know what, I find it soothing, what just two lovely words can do. But this, this “I Understand”, I am sure slowly and gradually it is consuming me inside like a slow poison. As a lover of language and as a writer and editor by calling and by profession, there are things done to words and with words, both in corporate journalism and in business and marketing-speak that drive me nuts. I will never, for instance, grow accustomed to broadcast journalists double sin of overreliance on the word “impact,” compounded with using it as a verb. “How did this tragedy impact you?”

UFO Alien two words middle finger vintage shirt

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But erase all that when asking me about a smartwatch! Here we are in the realm of new technologies, where the language of marketing speak becomes the language of the streets in less than one day. I have no problem with it. If you look at Google, as per the attached image, you’ll see tons of searches for this word as a closed compound. It’s a better way to get info about the device in question if you roll with it. Since it’s a new kind of thing, I don’t know why anyone would resist treating it as a single word. On the other hand, if you pop over to OneLook Dictionary Search and type in “smartwatch,” as a single word—but sans quotation marks, of course—you’ll currently find only three entries from reference sources that recognize it. And those three will be out-there things like Wordnik or The Word Spy or whatever. You won’t find “smartwatch” as a closed compound in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary.

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