Undisputed 2020 National Champions shirt

Pelosi said she would write one if the wasn’t more money for the people. Now THANKS TO THE DEMS there is money & guidelines! Money that wasn’t there, guidelines that even TRUMP himself said should have been there! With over 400 bills sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk that he won’t even bring up for a vote in the Republican-held Senate, it’s definitely the do-nothing obstructionist Republicans the same ones who crashed us in 08 and then fought Obama for eight years while he was trying to bring our country back to recovery which in fact he did As crowd cheers and votes for them to do it again.

Undisputed 2020 National Champions shirt

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President Mike Pence, members of Congress and heads of executive departments from receiving loans or investments from Treasury programs. Democrats insisted upon these changes and Republicans and White House finally after days and days agreed to get money to the American people. Dems were also trying to throw in a bunch of ideological nonsense in the stimulus as well which, sounds like, was rightfully removed. Funny how quickly things change when their pay is also threatened huh? A party who just can’t seem to understand. Just because you are not SHOWING “symptoms” does not mean that you do not HAVE. The Coronavirus you dumb Re-dumb/Republicans who keep stating that you DO NOT want to be tested because you are not showing any symptoms are KILLING all innocent Americans and are spreading the Coronavirus.

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