I wear blue for my son who means the world to me accept understand love shirt

So for quite a while, I wanted to be a cuckold. My wife was not in into it. Finally, after years she came home from work and said Avril, a male co-worker in her office, said something about her breasts because of the tank she was wearing. I immediately got aroused and played it off but asked really? What did you think? She said she liked it. I started probing and got her to agree to dress more sexy to see if he or anyone says anything else. She was surprised I told her I really really liked to hear about other men ogling and I said I’ve been trying to get you to do this for a while now. I’ll shorten this so it’s not too detaled.

Tyler Callum Brown brothers shirt

Teaching rocks shirt

Save a fuse blow your electrician vintage shirt

Quarantine Mike shirt

Postal Worker #notquarantined shirt

Ohio State Wash your damn hands shirt

Nothing left to do but smile shirt

Not all heroes wear capes my daughter wears scrubs shirt

Not all heroes can fly my son drives Grumman llv shirt

Meine Katze ist schon ganz genervt von mir weil ich jetzt den ganzen tag in ihrer wohnvng bin shirt

I can’t stay at home I’m a postal worker we fight when others can’t anymore shirt

Dr Seuss I will pray here or there I will pray everywhere 2020 Coronavirus pandemic shirt

Donkey sunflower I hate people vintage shirt

Cannabis I’m blunt because God rolled me that way shirt

All I need today is a little bit of Illinois and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

On a very crowded flight from San Francisco to Hawaii, I noticed a family with two kids under 3. They don’t let you sit with kids that age for some sort of safety rule. So Dad was sitting in one row with a baby and Mom was in a different row with an 18-month-old kid who was raising hell and didn’t want to sit or be quiet. This was the second leg of their trip. They had already been on a plane from NY to San Francisco. Mom got up with 18 months old and was walking back to the bathroom with him stiffening up like a board so he was hard to hold. I was sitting reading in my aisle seat with my 15-year-old son next to me. She looked at my son and said: “I’ll pay you $20 if you will hold him for 10 minutes!”.

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