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I work as a Robotic Process Automation Developer and most of the tasks automated are rule-based. Robots are good for rule-based back-office tasks e.g automating an MI report because they are repetitive and the outcomes are predictable. The software bots tend to fall over when a scenario that wasn’t coded for is encountered. Your question doesn’t say if you referring to physical robots as well. In comparison to software bot, physical robots are available at homes and in industries. 

There will never be another Dale Earnhardt signature shirt

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To be fair, every industry has at least a role that can’t be automated or replaced. In an insurance world, a typical example would be a financial broker would be a challenging role to automated because 95% of their time is spent advising customers physically or via calls. In addition, I was having a discussion with a colleague and I said in an educational system, almost every role can be automated especially the non – teaching staff but we would still need principals to handle parents and their ward’s queries because in that setting interaction is key.


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