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After some time had passed, they revealed to me that they were transgender. Very few people knew this at the time. I was, if anything, deeply touched that they would trust me enough to reveal such a personal matter, and certainly did not for a moment consider breaking off my association. I continued to help them learn to program, and also gave advice and an ear through several very difficult personal and family issues, some unique to being transgender and some not. They’re now a successful game developer who’s worked with several major game companies (I was more than happy to give a reference for the first one), and still a very good friend of mine. And I’ve learned a great deal. I’m not transgender myself, and so I would not know a tenth as much about the issues a transgender person can face without having heard it firsthand over many years from someone living through it.

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Wrestling 2020 the one where they were quarantined shirt

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“Yeah,” he replied. “My dad told me ‘There’s a job opening in Taiwan for you. I got you an interview.’ I looked at the job requirements. I had to speak Chinese to work there since the position was in Taiwan. My parents spoke Chinese but I didn’t at all. I asked my dad how they would hire me if I couldn’t speak the language. He told me not to worry about it. Sure enough, when I interviewed, people saw my Chinese face and didn’t even question whether I spoke it or not. I got the job and moved to Taiwan. I worked in that Nike factory for 4 years and nobody ever found out I couldn’t speak any Chinese, I eventually learned enough words to fake it a little bit. Did you know the main Nike production base is in Taiwan?”

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