Wu Tang Cream corona ruined everything around me Shirt

Shirt decide who lives and dies because of the shortage of medical supplies and equipment. yes very sad but my daughter was turned away because she had no insurance even to be tested even though she was contacted by health officials. Because her friend tested positive. My granddaughter, her daughter had a fever and other symptoms they only tested her because she had Medicaid. The test is $190 at the testing site. I followed this since December. The only way we know it’s going to get worse is bc of reporting not some nitwit on Facebook telling us to be cool. You have a beef with the media that’s your problem created by trump. we are anxious bc of lack of leadership. I am starting to wonder if it’s in something we all eat an animal or something imported from.
China because some people have said they don’t know how they got it hasn’t been around people and nursing homes like the one in Washington those people live there 67 of them have died and the workers haven’t had it at least not to my knowledge and they the ones going in and out of there, I have seen a report where a person was in a car accident they tested them and they were sick and never knew had no symptoms.  The young and otherwise healthy can have it and not know it or have mild symptoms and think it’s a cold or allergies at first and they are spreading it like wildfire. There have been so many reports of it being an incidental finding on a patient being treated for something else.

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