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We have to keep it up and proceed with caution in public as this is a breaking point that determines how far the virus will progress. You should try and get stuff online and avoid in-store shopping. In my opinion, it’s better than risking getting the virus going shopping. Make sure to wash your hands throughout the day, get some things you may need like food, and stay indoors. I bought some of those N95 masks as well because they prevent inhaling the droplets of coughs and sneezes, the one I got was a good deal. if you’re a healthcare worker and want the website.
Also, let me know if you have any websites that might sell dried foods.  glad to hear that. I’m in OKC, and when the mayor shut bars down in the City, people just went to other towns. It was crazy. I’m not an extremist in any way, but in this case, it should be all or nothing. The only thing that will work.  The economy is going to be shut down regardless we do it or not! If people are sick and dying there is not going to be anyone to buy or sell! What part don’t they get??? The sooner we shut down the better off we are and can get back to business!

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