Yup I'm essential shirt

Yup I’m essential shirt

Still, I didn’t consider getting divorced. My life seemed like it consisted of one disappointment after another, two steps backwards for every step forward. He gradually caused my friends and support system to disappear, forbidding me to have any contact with anyone he didn’t like, which was anyone who ever disagreed with him. He refused to allow me to work, disabling my car so I couldn’t leave, and controlled my access to money. Still, I really didn’t think about getting a divorce. He destroyed so many things in fits of anger. He punced holes in walls, and broke windows and mirrors on cars. He quit working, for months at a time, yet squandered what little money we had on his hobbies- fish tanks and guns (10 fish tanks and 13 guns), while I wore hand me down underwear given to me by his mother.

Yup I’m essential shirt

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Palmetto Strong ShirtThese horrible behaviors, in retrospect, should have caused me to think seriously about getting divorced, but I still didn’t consider it. On several occasions, he held a loaded gun to my head and threatened to kill me, and a knife to my throat.He continually falsely accused me of fooling around with other men, but I didn’t think about getting divorced. He got a job working ten hour days, four days a week, and I physically dreaded him returning home for three consecutive days. Our dog would run away and hide when he came home from work. I finally began to think that maybe, when our youngest child was 21, I would divorce him. Then I thought I might do it when the youngest turned 18. Sixteen. Fifteen. Ten.

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